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COVID 19 emergency
We have 15+ videos containing coronavirus advice and information. We update the content of these videos whenever there is a change in the current situation. If you have any of these videos playing on your site, the message will update automatically to take account of on-going changes in NHS / Government rules.

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General Practice

Direct patients towards making the right treatment choices. Explain NHS policies and combat appointment DNAs. Encourage patients to use online services and pharmacies.

Dental Practice

Encourage good oral hygiene as well as provide clear explanations of treatments. Promote enhanced services like orthodontics and whitening. Promote dental plans.

Hospital Clinics

Promote healthy lifestyle choices. Direct patients towards making the right treatment choices. Explain NHS policies and combat appointment DNAs.

Veterinary Practice

Provide basic pet care and well-being advice. Explain treatments and promote enhanced services and pet insurance plans. Demo pet care products.