21 videos available
Information, advice and instructions

NHS - Using the right service
30 videos available
Helping patients to choose the best service for their condition - A and E, GP, Pharmacy, Walk-In or Self-Help

Tests and screening
17 videos available
Reminders about NHS and practice screening campaigns eg cervical screening, breast screening, bowel cancer etc

18 videos available
Vaccinations available (mostly) free from the NHS eg Flu, Shingles, Meningitis etc

19 videos available
Seasonal health advice and campaigns - Summer, Winter, Christmas, Travel advice, Stoptober

Symptoms and signs
20 videos available
Spotting the signs that might indicate a serious condition like cancer.

Prescriptions and Medication
29 videos available
Ordering prescriptions and making proper use of medication

Information collection
17 videos available
Data protection, accessing your records, giving feedback

Apps and online
18 videos available
Apps for your mobile and online services to help you access care and live a healthier life. Patient Access, System One

Policies, procedures and services
19 videos available
NHS rules and procedures. Practice policies and services

Minor and common ailments
13 videos available
Short-term and non life-threatening conditions. Where to go for help and advice

Healthy Lifestyle
29 videos available
General health advice, smoking cessation, exercise, sensible drinking, health improvement campaigns

Getting help
12 videos available
Where to find help in the NHs and from outside agencies and charities. Information for carers.

Research and NHS governance
11 videos available
Clinical research projects, campaigns to imporove the health service

Public advice
11 videos available
Public Health and safety

Serious and long-term conditions
10 videos available
Cancer, COPD, Diabetes, Mental Health